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Scramble With Friends Cheats and Tips

If you like Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends, you are going to love Scramble with Friends!  Scramble with Friends is the new Zynga application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch where you find words on a scrambled grid, and form words forward, backwards or sideways. It is very similar to the classic game Boggle.

Spell words by dragging your finger over the letter tiles, with each letter touching the previous letter in the word.  Each game has 3 rounds and each round lasts two minutes, while you try to find as many words as you can and rack up as many points before time is up.

You can pick “power ups” to help you beat your opponent.  Freeze stops the clock for 20 seconds. Inspiration highlights a word that you haven’t found yet (3 uses). Scramble shakes up the board (5 uses) .  The best power up is inspiration and you should always take advantage of this power up before every round.  I always use inspiration and freeze.

Scramble with Friends runs on a token system.  Begining a new game costs 1 token, and tokens will refill every 20 minutes.  Your first power up will be free, but the second one will also cost one token.  You can choose up to two power ups.

You will receive special praise if you can form a word more than four letters long.  When you form a word your points at the top of the screen will go up and the word will be highlighted in green.  If your word is invalid it will turn red and you will receive no points.

Round 2 is the “Double Down” round and some tiles will double the letter or the whole word.  Some tiles in round 3 will triple the letter or word.

Scramble With Friends Cheats:

1 – Choose the freeze power up and stop the clock in the beginning of the round for 20 seconds.  You can also take a screen shot of your grid and then pause the game.  While the clock is frozen go to www.scramblewithfriends-cheat.com and type in the grid on your screen, click “solve,” and you will be given all the possible words.

2 – Install Scramble Cheats onto your device.  The Scramble Cheats application is an anagram generator that will show you every possible word combination on your grid.  To use the Scramble Cheats app take a screen shot of your grid and pause your game or use the freeze power up to save yourself some time. Upload your screen shot using Scramble Cheat’s import feature.  The application will form all the possible words, and organize them alphabetically or by their point values.  Scramble Cheats also has a practice feature as well.  This cheat app is $0.99, but well worth it for those looking to beat their opponents.

Here are a Scramble With Friends Tips:

1 – Use the letter “s” as much as possible to create plurals.  Create every word two times, singular and plural if applicable.  Try to find the word with the prefix or suffix first before the smaller word.  It’s easier to remember both this way and then if you forget at least you have the points for the larger word.  When you find a word always look around it and see if there is anything you can add to the end of your word.

2 – Focus on making letters with the highest value tiles before moving onto low value words.  Also, in the second and third round with scoring modifiers that double or triple your letter or word, make sure to focus on creating words with those tiles first as well.

3 – Use your freeze power up in the beginning of you game and take the 20 second to find all the 2 letter words on your grid.  Use the inspiration power up later on in the game.  Inspiration will be more useful if you find all the easy words in the beginning so that when you use the inspiration life line towards the end it will find you bigger words.

4 – At the last second, the game will let you finish your word if you are holding down a letter already.  So at the last second always hold down a letter that looks like it might be part of a word, and look around for any possible word before your time is up.