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The Best Budget Planner

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA) is a mobile application for iPhone and Android  to keep you on budget and manage your money.  It is a very useful and free finance app for anyone who is looking to keep track of where their cash is going whether it be groceries, loans, transportation, or other expenses.  Throughout the month Easy Envelope Budget Aid tracks your spend, takes money our of your envelopes, and ensures that you never overspend again.

EEBA is easy to use and you can balance and enter transactions from anywhere, with or without cell signal or WiFi.  You can also share budget envelopes with your household so that you are all on the right track.  The budget application supports monthly, semi-monthly, weekly and bi-weekly budgeting. Plus annual and irregular expenses.

View your budget and expense reports on the web by syncing your mobile device and even upgrade to a plus or premium plan to have EEBA sync to your bank account and track your spending automatically!  Your checking, savings, cash and credit card spend can be monitored in a safe and secure environment once you start taking advantage of EEBA.