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Play Angry Gran Free

Angry Gran is a funny and free mobile app and online game.  You need to help Angry Gran collect cash for her pension by whacking enemies with various weapons, such as a rolled up newspaper, inflatable hammer, baguette, rubber chicken, stop sign, skateboard, and many other odd objects.  The enemies or “chavs” have also hidden money in random places of the city, so you have to bash fire hydrants, phone booths, and old sofas to collect money as well.

At first I was like, what is a chav??  A chav is a young lower-class person typified by brash and loutish behaviour and the wearing of (real or imitation) designer clothes.  So Granny hates chavs and they need to be whacked with a rubber chicken.

Tap your screen or click your mouse to swing Granny’s weapon, or hold and release your screen or mouse for a more powerful swing.  Make sure you don’t swing at the police man!

You also need to help poor old Gran by collecting bonuses, including pills, medicine.  The white pills will help Angry Gran recover from a missed swing.  The green medicine bottle will give Granny strength, and the horseshoe is her lucky charm.  These bonuses, cash and coins will help Granny reach the finish flags on the next level and raise money for her retirement.

You can upgrade your skills with the  money you collect.  Charge attack faster with Strength.  Recover faster if you hit yourself with Recover.  Reduce the money needed for the next checkpoint with Discount.Angry Gran really needs to retire.

After each checkpoint, the game will speed up and give Angry Gran less time to charge the chavs and make it easier to hit yourself.  When Angry Gran misses a swing and hits herself she is then bound to a wheelchair, and it’s hard to whack passer bys for pension money when you’re in a wheelchair.

Play this funny game for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer and start hitting people are are in Granny’s way and cleaning up the neighborhood!  The game began as a flash game, and is now one of the best games in the action game category.