Cut The Rope Walkthroughs

Cut the Rope is one of my favorite iPhone games.  The object of the game is to get the creature Om Nom his candy by strategically cutting ropes and avoiding obstacles into Om Nom’s mouth.  With realistic physics and precise touch controls, completing all the levels of Cut the Rope and earning all three stars is not an easy feat.

The iPhone and Android game is very strategic and based upon physics.  If you are really stuck on a level, IGN has posted video walkthroughs that illustrate how to beat every level with all three stars.  They have walkthroughs for Cut The Rope cardboard box, fabric box, foil box, gift box and cosmic box posted on their website.  It is the ultimate Cut the Rope cheat source, and I never resort to it unless I really have to.


Where To Get Free Ringtones


With the Ringtone Maker application you can make free ringtones from your iTunes music and use your iPod songs to create and download new ringtones for your phone!  You can also customize your text tone, mail tone, and other alerts and notifications if you have an iOS 5 device.  You only need iOS 4 to make customized ringtone on your phone though.

Once you read the tutorial to help sync your first ringtone, it is so fast and easy to select songs and edit them into an unlimited amount of ringtones right from your iTunes library.  With the Ringtone Maker app you to can control the start and end time of the song, with a maximum time of 30 seconds, and fade the song in and out.  You can change the pitch and playback speed of the song, and you can also record any other sound to save as your ringtone!

If you want to export your ringtones you can do this easily using iTunes file sharing. Ringtone Maker is THE best place to find free mobile ringtones, and I thank Zentertain Ltd. for making such an awesome application.  Especially for music buffs who have an endless amount of songs in their iTunes library, the Ringtone Maker is a must have application.

The Best Transit and Driving Directions

When you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, or a big city with overwhelming public transportation, there are many websites and applications you can turn to for directions and online maps. But which directions and mapping service provides the best route? Google Maps, MapQuest, HopStop, Bing Maps…which is the best trip planner?

Google Maps is the industry standard, and probably most people’s go-to application for directions. In many ways Google Maps has earned this reputation, delivering accurate and simple driving and walking directions. If you have a smart phone such as an iPhone or Android, Google Maps serves as a GPS navigation system, and really becomes a life saver at times. MapQuest is a thing of the past.

However, for subway directions I always turn to HopStop. HopStop is reliable in always accounting for service changes and planned work for the subway, bus and train system. I have had most of my experience with HopStop in New York City, but I am told that it is as consistent for many other cities as well. Many times HopStop and Google Maps provide the same subway route, but I rather stick with the more reliable and thorough service.

Words With Friends Tips

Similar to the board game Scrabble, the Words With Friends application by Zynga has become one of the top ranking games in the app store.  Want to develop the best strategy to beat your friends at Words With Friends?  There are many tips you should use while playing this highly addictive word building game in order to score the highest points.

To score the highest amount of points in Words with Friends, you should not focus on creating the longest possible word using the tiles in your rack.  You need to aim for the bonus squares, such as double and triple word, or double and triple letter.  Especially when you have a high value tile, such as letters Q, J, or Z, you need to focus on placing these tiles on the bonus squares.  Even if you play a word by guessing an arrangement that might look like a word, by placing the high value tiles on the bonus squares and building from there, you are one step closer to beating your opponent.  You should not be reluctant to try obscure words that are not commonly used in your vocabulary, and even a two or three letter word when placed correctly can score high points.  If your move is not an acceptable word then just recall the tiles and try again.  I do wish, however, that Words with Friends had a feature to look up the definition of these obscure words.

Placing your tiles parallel to words instead of perpendicular is also a good strategy to use.  This way, you get more points by playing two words at a time instead of only one word.

Words with Friends is also a great way to keep in touch with friends using in-game chat messaging.  If you don’t have someone to play with, connect with Facebook to find friends, or have the application match you up with a random opponent.

Basically, you don’t need to memorize the dictionary to reach a high score and beat your opponent in Words with Friends.  You also don’t need to reference Words with Friends cheat websites like Lexical Word Finder, Words with Friends Cheat, or Scrabble Finder.  Instead, you should use that time to train yourself into a strategic word building master!

Manage Your Social Networks with HootSuite

If you have several different Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and FourSquare accounts, HootSuite is a necessary tool.  You can also connect to your WordPress, MySpace, and Mixi accounts using HootSuite.  I originally started using HootSuite as a web application to manage all my social networks, and have since installed the application on all my mobile devices including iPhone and Android.  With HootSuite I am able to constantly update and monitor all of my social streams, both at work and on the go.  I can monitor keywords, Twitter searches and trending topics all within the same easy-to-use dashboard.

My life has been made so much easier thanks to HootSuite, as it allows me to organize all my accounts into specified tabs where I can update my profiles, statuses, schedule posts in advance, and send messages across multiple platforms simultaneously.  Another bonus to HootSuite, which really sets it apart from all other social media managers, is the app’s analytics.  I can measure the performance of all my tweets and posts by tracking my shortened URLs (  I also think owls are really cute, so that’s a plus.

Edit Photos with Camera+

If you have an iPhone there is no need to buy a hundred something dollar camera.  Instead, spend your money wisely on the Camera+ application. The app was featured in Time’s 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2011, and Time’s review could not have said it better.  “If the iPhone’s standard camera is like a digital point-and-shoot, the Camera+ app is like a high-quality SLR Lens.”  The marvelous Camera+ app is on sale right now for $0.99 for the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, so move fast photographers!

The Camera+ application opens a whole new world of photo editing.  You will never take a bad picture again!  If the flash didn’t work, go to scenes and apply the flash after the shot is taken.  Apply the clarity scene for a crisp and dynamic range that otherwise would be lost in your picture.  Choose from other scenes including portrait, concert, food, scenery, effects from retro to dynamic, and vibrant color hues, sepia, black & white.  Adjust and rotate your photos, crop them into any dimension you could imagine, and then add a simple or styled border as a finishing touch to your photography masterpiece.

I feel like the possibilities are endless with Camera+ and I’m still amazed at how amazing my pictures look.  Aside from the editing capabilities of Camera+, the actual camera within this application balances the exposure of your shot by using separate focus and exposure.   With a continuous flash, touch exposure, touch focus, 6x zoom and advanced shooting modes, your iPhone camera goes above and beyond any all-in-one photo editor and camera  you could wish for.

Fruit Ninja Critical

Fruit Ninja might take the (Bakery Story) cake for most addictive game in the app store.  There is something very satisfying about slicing a juicy piece of fruit with a virtual blade and watching it splatter against various backgrounds.  With just the swipe of a finger you become a Fruit Ninja warrior, dodging bombs and slashing fruit combos for extra points that bring you one step closer to beating your high score.  I dream that one day I will be half the ninja that wise ninja Sensei is.

The Zen mode removes the sizzling bombs from the game, so players can cut their fruit without care.  An Arcade mode is also available where the gamer has sixty seconds to collect their points, and super bananas are thrown onto the screen that grant slicers special bonuses.  I rotate between classic and arcade mode, and slice all the rare fruits and pomegranates that appear on my iPhone to get the most critical hits, combo blitzes and achievements that my finger will allow.  I only wish that Halfbrick would let us start with more than three lives!

Unlocking special blades and backgrounds with Fruit Ninja Achievements makes all that lost time cutting fruit worth it.  The game has sharp graphics on the iPhone and Android, and is enhanced even more for iPad users.  Fruit Ninja Kinect is available for Xbox and Fruit Ninja Frenzy is available for Facebook.  Multiplayer gameplay gets crazy as you try to avoid your opponent’s fruit, and very competitive too I might add.  It’s a good thing Fruit Ninja does not require a real samurai sword!