Craziness Crazy Test Answers

Some of you have been requesting answers to Craziness’ Crazy Test, the last level of the Craziness game and iOS application.

Answers to Craziness Crazy Test

1 – Of course no! Touch above the line.

Answer: Touch the text on top of the screen

2 – Touch Anywhere.

Answer:  Wait.  Don’t touch anywhere.

3 – Touch the line’s right side.

Answer: Rotate your device to portrait mode and then touch the screen the right side of the line.  (Portrait mode is just the  normal upright position).

4 – Put everything in the refrigerator.

Answer:  Put everything in the refrigerator and then drag the text into the refrigerator as well.

5 – Touch the dog, then the lion, then the fox

6 – Put the giraffe in the bottle.

Answer: Zoom in on the bottle so it expands until it breaks and then drag the giraffe into the bottle.


1 – Complete this conversation!  How’s the weather?  It’s amazing

Answer: Drag the exclamation point from the directions to the end of “It’s amazing”.

2 – Turn off the flashlight then turn it on.

Answer:  Move the cover then drag the battery outside the flashlight.  Drag the battery back into the flashlight then put the cover back on.

3 – Teleport the mouse from earth to moon

Answer: Drag the mouse to the earth then touch the word “teleport.”

4 – Touch the clowns from right to left.

Answer: Shake your device and to make the clowns appear, then touch the clowns from right to left.

5 – Which letter made the smallest circle?

Answer: F

6 – Touch the right foot to proceed.

Answer: Touch anywhere then drag the screen to the left.  Touch the right foot. (Hint – remember the code on the toes of the right foot).

7 – Tap a speaker.

Answer: Move any speaker then tap it.  Don’t tap on both speakers.

8 – Pay attention!  Press the colors as they appeared in reverse order.

Answer: Orange, Green, Green, Blue, Red


1 – Touch the smallest dog.

Answer:  Touch the word “smallest” and the smallest dog will appear.  Touch the smallest dog.

2 – Spin the windmill.

Answer: Rotate the device

3 – What is this?  Water, Face, Mango

Answer: Touch the letter C in the word “face,” then O in “mango,” then W in “water.”

4 – 23 -21 – ??

Answer: Press the number 2 when it appears on the bomb.

5 – Do you see the triangle?  Press the triangle to continue.

Answer: Press the triangle in the question.

6 – Touch the apple under the dino.

Answer: Use tree fingers to lift the dino and then touch the apple.

7 – Make sure the battery is charged to continue.

Answer: Put your fingers on the + and – at the same time until the green bar shows.

8 – Let the bird fly without wings

Answer: Drag the word “wings” onto the bird.

9 – 6 + 7 = ? Hint: the answer is 13 🙂

Answer: Press the 13th number, which is in the third row in the middle.

10 – Insert the secret code to unlock and finish the test

Answer: Enter the number that was on the right foot.  15470.

Still have questions on Craziness Crazy Test?  Ask me in the comments section!


33 responses to “Craziness Crazy Test Answers

  1. whats the cheat for mad test on find the egg?

  2. Hi there, I am stuck with the craziness game. I am stuck at the point where I have to move the heater. Please help thanks

  3. im stuck on the penguin bit

  4. These are very good answers to games you could put more on:-)

  5. Answer the equation in one step ?

  6. I have completed the craziness game thanks to this website!! 🙂

  7. The do I one isn’t working

  8. The clown one won’t work for me

  9. In stuck on the checkpoint of the insane test

  10. hey there I like your website I have a problem though
    I did the thing you said to do with the clown
    question but they only pop up once then stay
    inside the box when I try and shake it again
    does this happen for everyone or just me?

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  12. How do u lift the dino three fingers dont work

    • You have to touch with 3 fingers. But do it kind of when you tap your fingers on a table. You know what I mean? Then once all three fingers are on it you drag the Dino up and the apple is there.

  13. I’m stuck on the first question at Crazy Test “Complete this conversation!” Can someone help me out, please? :3

  14. Rhe dino three fingers dont work

    • You have to touch with 3 fingers. But do it kind of when you tap your fingers on a table. You know what I mean? Then once all three fingers are on it you drag the Dino up and the apple is there..

  15. I cant lift the rhino 3 fingers wont work

  16. Thx so much

  17. Touch the largest square.

    How to do???

  18. How do you get the girrafe in the bottle

  19. Hey there thanks i have completed the crazy test cuz of you thanks again

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