Craziness Insane Test Answers

Craziness is a brain-teaser game and iPhone/iPad/iTouch application where you need to figure out your way through challenging and tricky questions.

The Craziness app consists of the Simple Test, Mad Test, Insane Test, and Crazy Test.  Below you will find answers to all the questions of Craziness’ Insane Test. I will post answers to the Crazy Test soon, and if anyone wants answers to the Simple or Mad Test just send me a request!  It’s okay to cheat on this one, it’s easy to get stuck on Craziness!


1 – Touch the foxes from largest to smallest, according to ear size.

Answer: Touch foxes from largest to smallest EARS, and make sure to pay attention to changes in foxes’ positions.

2 – Touch the largest rectangle.

Answer: The largest rectangle is the background on the screen.

2- How many tomatoes are there?

Answer: 6

3 – Lift the weight to continue.

Answer: Use two fingers (or one finger) to tap the weight very quickly from the base of the weight. Click continue.

4 – Move the heater.  Caution it’s very hot!

Answer: Drag the word in the title “heater” and click “continue underneath.

5 – Remember: Dog, Lion, Fox!

6 – Touch the similar penguins.

Answer: Touch the two penguins on right end and the one penguin on left end at same time.

7 – If the questions is in red, do the opposite!  Click continue.

8 – Don’t press the green button.

Answer:  Press the green button.

9 – Don’t press the red button.

Answer: Wait. Don’t press the red button!

10 – Quick, press the red button!

Answer:  Press the red button on the bottom right side of the screen quickly!

11 – Quick!  Press the blue button!

Answer: Wait.  Don’t press the blue button!

12 – Quick!  Don’t press the red button!

Answer:  Press the red button to the left quickly.


1 – Touch blue, then red, then green.

Answer:  Don’t touch the buttons, touch the words “blue,” “red,” then “green.”

2 – Correct this equation in one step: 14 + 47 = 5

Answer: Drag the one to the other side of the equation, behind the 5, so 4 + 47 = 51

3 – Destroy the bat without touching.

Answer: Shake your phone until the bat fades away.



54 responses to “Craziness Insane Test Answers


    this is not the end!

  2. What aout after these questions, i am stuck on the blue line questiong where you have to touch the right hand side?

  3. How do u beat mad test??????

  4. Hey everyone! Stay tuned for the answers to the crazy test and the mad test. I will be posting them today!

  5. *Liv*love you x

    Thanks I have now finished the whole game thanks again xx iloveyou xx

  6. can you tell me the blue line answer

  7. i want the mad test answers

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  9. After the bat you have to touch the right side of the line…how do you do that ?!

  10. Great game! My kids love it.

  11. what do you do for the refridgorator partt ?

  12. Drop the man from the chair?

  13. How do u do the giraffe one?

  14. There’s more to the game, I’m stuck on the “touch the apple under the dino”. Between my husband and i we got the rest compleat with out help but now i need HELP

  15. I need the answer to the crazy mad test I’m stuck on the one where it says to drop the man from the chair

  16. How do you do the giriffi one with the bottle?


  18. The game does not end there…. Keep going!

  19. How do you teleport the mouse??

  20. Hos do you solve the problem with the five animals? There is no question they are just standing there

  21. Dave-
    Earlier it said REMEMBER: Dog Lion Fox
    So in that order touch the Dog Lion and the Fox!!! 😛

  22. What is the secret code??

  23. How do you get the bird to fly with no wings?

  24. how do you do the one with the presents

  25. it says touch the clowns from right to left.. what do I do??

  26. How do you turn the flash light off and then back on?

  27. what do I do with the 6+7 question?

  28. what do I do with the 6+7 question?

  29. how to complete the conversation? help?!

  30. How do you do the right foot one?

  31. cant finish penquin question tried tapping right two an far left one won’t work

  32. thumbs up is not doing

  33. Thats good but after is says you won the game it does something with a blue line and i can’t figure it out it would help a lot.

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