Where To Get Free Ringtones


With the Ringtone Maker application you can make free ringtones from your iTunes music and use your iPod songs to create and download new ringtones for your phone!  You can also customize your text tone, mail tone, and other alerts and notifications if you have an iOS 5 device.  You only need iOS 4 to make customized ringtone on your phone though.

Once you read the tutorial to help sync your first ringtone, it is so fast and easy to select songs and edit them into an unlimited amount of ringtones right from your iTunes library.  With the Ringtone Maker app you to can control the start and end time of the song, with a maximum time of 30 seconds, and fade the song in and out.  You can change the pitch and playback speed of the song, and you can also record any other sound to save as your ringtone!

If you want to export your ringtones you can do this easily using iTunes file sharing. Ringtone Maker is THE best place to find free mobile ringtones, and I thank Zentertain Ltd. for making such an awesome application.  Especially for music buffs who have an endless amount of songs in their iTunes library, the Ringtone Maker is a must have application.


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